Thank you for a great Summer 1 session! We had so much fun going on excursions and doing activities in the Student Center. Getting to know each other at the beginning Cheering on the Philadelphia Phillies at a baseball game Experiencing Philadelphia... more
Morris Arboretum "Stick Work" by Patrick Dougherty with visiting students
Beginning of Session Breakfast and Library Tour The spring session began with a bang with our beginning of session breakfast. After the breakfast students embarked on a guided tour of the library. Penn Museum Our inquisitive students explored the amazing art and artifacts in the Penn Museum. Trip... more
Hello, my name is Evelyn Martinez, and I am a Program Assistant at the ELP Student Center. On March 26th, we were able to take the ELP to Washington, D.C.! We were so excited that almost all of the students signed up to go! There, students were able to roam the city freely. Some explored the... more
Congratulations to all of the ELP students who were accepted to university degree programs for fall 2022! After months of working night and day, along with their UniConn advisors and essay coaches, to put their best foot forward in their applications, students have been accepted to these schools... more
Despite in-person learning being delayed and some chilly weather, we had fun! Liberty Bell & Ben Franklin Museum We visited Philly's historic Liberty Bell and the Ben Franklin Museum, both part of Independence National Historic Park. It was a wet, gray day, but we had a great... more
The ELP staff and students had a great time during our Fall 2 weekly activities. We opened the session dressing up for Halloween and cavorting outside in Halloween costumes as shown above. Later, we took a tour of the Eastern State Pententiary. Next, we expressed our gratitude at the Thanksgiving... more
Banco Santander is giving 1,000 Santander Languages Scholarships | English to boost your career - University of Pennsylvania scholarships to help students tighten their command of professional English. Non-native English speakers above the age of 18 who are interested in advancing... more
November 4, 2020 by Elaney Tedder The 2020 Election in the United States began on the traditional first Tuesday of November, November 3 rd , but many U.S. Citizens began voting weeks or months before this date. Because of COVID-19, early voting, mail-in voting, and absentee voting... more
Banco Santander, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, has launched 500 Santander Language Scholarships | English for Professional Development – University of Pennsylvania, to improve mastery of Professional English. These scholarships are designed to help students and young... more
September 9, 2020 by Elaney Tedder Updated October 1, 2020 On Monday, August 31 st , English for Career Development (ECD), an ELP MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), reached over 1 million learners since its inception in 2016. Additionally, English for Career... more