All ELP programs will be taught through remote (online) instruction through the Fall of 2020. We are excited to offer our engaging courses and opportunities for extracurricular activities online. Learn more here.
Study English at an Ivy League university
The University of Pennsylvania’s English Language Programs (ELP) offers unparalleled opportunities for learning English in the United States.

Lidia M.


I want to improve my English.

Develop English language skills to meet your academic, business, or personal goals.

  • Academic, business, and general English course options
  • Excellent curriculum and expert instructors
  • Small class sizes (12-16 students)
  • Planned social and cultural activities

Intensive Programs Options

7 weeks
Beginner to advanced
4 weeks
Pre-intermediate to advanced

Dogan T.


I want to apply to US Universities.

Get assistance with the undergraduate or graduate admissions process and prepare for academic study at a US university.

  • Admission preparation, test preparation and academic English course options
  • One-on-one advising, workshops, and networking opportunities for full-time students
  • Personalized attention from experienced, knowledgeable instructors and advisors
  • Experience studying and engaging with students at an ivy league university

University Preparation Options

7 weeks
Intermediate to advanced
Length varies
Proficiency requirement varies

Enrique M.


I want to improve my professional English skills.

Develop your professional communication skills in English, enhance your cross-cultural interactions, and build your knowledge about current issues in global business.

  • Unique, innovative curriculum
  • Highly-qualified instructors and engaging teaching methods
  • Oral and written professional communication development
  • Diverse, cross-cultural learning environment

Professional & Business Programs Options

4 weeks
Intermediate to advanced
Length varies
Proficiency requirement varies

Lucas G.


I want to take a short program during my summer or winter break.

Improve your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while learning about academic or business topics in month-long programs designed for international undergraduate students.

  • Introduction to academic and/or business topics
  • Guest lectures from Penn professors
  • Deveolpment of university-level English
  • Cultural fieldwork or activities

Summer/Winter Programs Options

4 weeks
Pre-intermediate to advanced
4 weeks
Intermediate to advanced