Study English at an Ivy League university
The University of Pennsylvania’s English Language Programs (ELP) offers unparalleled opportunities for learning English in the United States.

Renata C.


I want to improve my English.

Develop English language skills to meet your academic, business, or personal goals.

  • Academic, business, and general English course options
  • Excellent curriculum and expert instructors
  • Small class sizes (12-16 students)
  • Planned social and cultural activities

Intensive Programs Options

7 weeks
Beginner to advanced
4 weeks
Pre-intermediate to advanced

Pierre-Adrien V.


I want to apply to US Universities.

Get assistance with the undergraduate or graduate admissions process and prepare for academic study at a US university.

  • Admission preparation, test preparation and academic English course options
  • One-on-one advising, workshops, and networking opportunities for full-time students
  • Personalized attention from experienced, knowledgeable instructors and advisors
  • Experience studying and engaging with students at an ivy league university

University Preparation Options

7 weeks
Intermediate to advanced
Length varies
Proficiency requirement varies

Enrique M.


I want to improve my professional English skills.

Develop your professional communication skills in English, enhance your cross-cultural interactions, and build your knowledge about current issues in global business.

  • Unique, innovative curriculum
  • Highly-qualified instructors and engaging teaching methods
  • Oral and written professional communication development
  • Diverse, cross-cultural learning environment

Professional & Business Programs Options

4 weeks
Intermediate to advanced
Length varies
Proficiency requirement varies

Odelia O.


I want to take a short program during my summer or winter break.

Improve your English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while learning about academic or business topics in month-long programs designed for international undergraduate students.

  • Introduction to academic and/or business topics
  • Guest lectures from Penn professors
  • Deveolpment of university-level English
  • Cultural fieldwork or activities

Summer/Winter Programs Options

4 weeks
Pre-intermediate to advanced
4 weeks
Intermediate to advanced