Intensive Program

Intensive Program

Intensive Program

Image showing Session Length is Seven Weeks

Session length:
7 weeks

Image of Focus of Study General Proficiency

Focus of study: 
General proficiency with academic and business options

Image of Hours per Week: 20 Academic Hours

Hours per week: 
20 academic hours

Image of Proficiency Level - Pre-intermediate to Advanced

Proficiency level: 
Pre-intermediate to advanced


The Intensive Program (IP) combines high-quality curriculum with experienced instruction to help you achieve your academic, professional, or personal goals.

In the IP, you can focus on academic English, business English, or all-purpose English. Our courses help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Every aspect of your Penn experience—from in-class discussions to out-of-class group projects, from living on a university campus to participating in planned cultural activities—will assist you in improving your English skills, developing confidence, and enhancing your understanding of US culture. Offered six times per year, the Intensive Program is flexible to fit your schedule. 

ELP student

Advising services

Advising is available through email or by scheduling an in-person or Zoom meeting with an advisor. Your advising specialist can help you plan your studies during your time at the ELP. The advisor will ask questions to learn more about your goals, plans, progress, deadlines, and length of planned study to make specific recommendations for you.

You can visit the advising specialist if you have questions about:

  • Your schedule
  • Available courses
  • Recommended courses to help you meet your goals
  • Problems affecting your study (attendance, participation, or performance)
  • How to access university student resources
  • How to best prepare for testing
  • Special programs offered at the ELP
  • Any other questions about studying at the ELP

Download the 2024 ELP Intensive Program student handbook (PDF).

Ana G., Colombia
"It was a unique experience as I encountered people from different cultures... I had never found so many different people in one same place."
Ana G., Colombia