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(please see University Connection Plus test score requirements below)
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Financial Support

NOTE: A financial support document must show funds to pay the estimated tuition and living expenses for ALL sessions included on your I-20. You must send a statement showing sufficient funds for your study period.

  • Intensive Program/University Connection: $10,237 per session
  • University Connection Plus: $10,811 per session
  • IAPS/IBC: $5,516 per session
Visa Information
Please email ELP a copy.

NOTE: If you are a transfer student, you must also send the following:

  • Official transcript from current school
  • Copies of student visa, I-20, and CBP admission stamp (or print-out of I-94 admission number)
  • Local address in the U.S.
  • Completed Proof of Academic Success Form (ELP will provide this to you after you submit your application)
  • Completed Transfer Form (ELP will provide this to you after you submit all documents)
Do you have dependents (spouse/children) that will come with you to the U.S.?

NOTE: Students with dependents must include a copy of each dependent’s passport. Write the dependent’s country of birth, country of citizenship, and relationship to you on the passport copy. Financial support document must include an extra $550 per month per dependent.

University Connection and University Connection Plus Students Only

If you selected University Connection Plus:

(include school name, location, enrollment, dates, degree)
Institute for Academic and Professional Studies and Institute for Business Communication Students
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Refund Policy
  • Before classes start, students can receive a refund of tuition and fees minus the non-refundable $90 USD enrollment fee and the $310 USD tuition deposit.
  • Before the first week of classes end, students can receive a refund of 75% of tuition minus the $90 USD enrollment fee and $310 USD tuition deposit.
  • Fees, insurance, and housing are governed by separate policies and may not be refundable depending on when you withdraw.