University Connection courses

As a UniConn student, you will take a combination of core and/or elective classes depending on your level. At the high-intermediate levels, you will focus on essential language skills in one core class and academic and admissions-focused skills in two elective courses. At the advanced level, you will focus on academic and admissions-focused skills in four elective courses.  

Examples of academic and admissions-focused electives

  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Advanced Speaking and Listening for Academic Purposes
  • English for Engineering
  • English for Science
  • Essays and Statements Workshop
  • Listening and Speaking Skills for TOEFL iBT
  • Listening to Lectures
  • Reading Academic Texts
  • Reading and Writing Skills for TOEFL iBT
  • Reading for Academic Purposes
  • Reading, Writing, and Speaking Critically about Science
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Skills for Success at US Universities
  • Writing for Academic Purposes
  • Writing the Graduate Application Statement
  • Writing the University Application Essay

UniConn Plus option

You may elect to take preparation courses for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, or other standardized tests required for university admission. Penn ELP partners with experts in the field to teach small test preparation classes to our students. The UniConn Plus option allows you to take these intensive test preparation courses in place of one of your academic or admissions-focused electives for an additional fee.

Penn credit course option

After successfully completing a session at the advanced level, you can apply to take a credit course through Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS). This unique opportunity allows you to experience the demands and expectations of academic study at an Ivy League university, to study alongside Penn undergraduate students, to earn academic credit, and to enhance your academic background. When taking a Penn credit course, you will also be enrolled in three advanced electives at the ELP.

Please visit the Penn LPS website for course listings.

Sample class schedule

Sample class schedule