Program Activities

Photo of ELP students on campus

During the program, Penn professors provide guest lectures on material related to the elective courses. This unique opportunity allows you to practice your listening comprehension and note-taking skills while learning from top professors in the field. You will also have the opportunity to experience a day trip to Washington, DC, and attend a local sports event for one of Philadelphia's major teams.

In addition, through class-wide and independent field work, you will go beyond the classroom to find connections to your studies across Philadelphia’s many unique neighborhoods and learn about the city’s history and culture in the process. Potential sites for class field trips include the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Independence Park, home of the famous Liberty Bell and the Constitution Center; and Reading Terminal Market, a central shopping and dining destination. Individually or in small groups, you will explore a chosen corner of the city and come to understand how Philadelphians from many backgrounds define and experience their neighborhoods.