Jessica Keating Whitney: Student Services and Programs Manager (IAPS and others)

Jessica Keating Whitney with ELP Student Ambassadors

The ELP is excited to announce that Jessica Keating Whitney is our new Student Services and Programs Manager! Jessica has been our Student Services Coordinator for five years. As the Student Services Coordinator, she has gone above and beyond to enhance the student experience and promote student satisfaction for all ELP students. Her role has involved planning orientation activities and socio-cultural events, managing the ELP Student Center and supervising its staff, advising students on non-academic issues and connecting them to appropriate Penn resources, and more.

In Jessica’s new role, she will continue her incredible efforts within our student services but will also now be overseeing our short in-person programs, specifically the Institute for Academic and Professional Studies (IAPS). She will supervise the coordination of on-site and off-site short programs as needed. Duties will include staffing, curriculum management, set-up of programs, and managing group enrollments and any testing. Jessica will be your go-to for all questions related to our upcoming IAPS programs. 

The ELP is proud of Jessica and all she has done as she takes on her new role!

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Jessica Keating Whitney

Jessica Keating Whitney

Student Services and Programs Manager