ELP Services, Trips, and Activities

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Advising Services

Intensive Program Advising

Advising is available through email or by scheduling an in-person or Zoom meeting with an advisor.

The Advising Specialist can help you plan your studies during your time at the ELP. The advisor will ask questions to learn more about your goals, plans, progress, deadlines, and length of planned study to make specific recommendations for you.

You can visit the Advising Specialist if you have questions about:

  • your schedule
  • available courses
  • recommended courses to help you meet your goals
  • problems affecting your study (attendance, participation, or performance)
  • how to access university student resources
  • how to best prepare for testing
  • special programs offered at the ELP
  • any other questions about studying at the ELP

University Connection Advising

University admissions workshops and one-on-one advising appointments may take place in-person or through Zoom.

If you plan to apply to a university degree program in the U.S., you should meet with a University Connection advisor. UniConn advisors assist students with:

  • choosing the appropriate course of study
  • setting admissions goals
  • getting started with the application process and application essays


Conversation Partners Program

The Conversation Partners program pairs ELP students with Penn students for language and cultural exchange. You can apply for a partner at the start of the academic semester, in January or September. Once matched, you and your partner will participate in a cultural and language exchange. In many cases, long-lasting friendships have developed as a result of the Conversation Partners program! Find more information about the Conversation Partners program here.


Weekly Activities & Trips

ELP organizes activities and trips to help you learn more about life in the US and to practice your language skills. Activities on campus can include attending guest lectures, film viewings, and musical performances. Activities in Philadelphia can include participating in ice skating parties, visiting pop-up gardens or art installations, and touring the many, diverse museums the city has to offer. Bus trips allow students to visit destinations such as New York City, the Amish countryside, Baltimore (Maryland), Washington, D.C., Atlantic Ocean beaches, amusement parks, and one of the biggest shopping malls in the US.


Student Center

The ELP Student Center is a friendly, open space for you to relax, enjoy free coffee and tea, meet new friends, and practice your English. The Student Center is staffed by local university students, so you can get tips on where to go and what to check out at Penn and around Philadelphia. Student Center staff also send out a Weekly Newsletter that includes announcements about what is happening at the ELP, on campus, and in Philadelphia. 


Volunteer Opportunities

You can participate in volunteer activities, organized by Penn ELP that will give you opportunities to interact with native speakers. ELP partners with local public service organizations such as the Penn Volunteers in Public Service (VIPS), Civic House, and Serve Philadelphia in these activities.