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Yasuhito N.


Program: Custom Study Abroad Program

Every class was pretty exciting and interesting. I learned a lot of things, not only English skills. In each class, we were required to participate in many difficult discussions. For example, one of the classes was a business case study.  We thought up some new business or products and researched the market thoroughly, making a questionnaire and actually asking people in the college or the city. On the basis of the research, we made a presentation and discussed the feasibility. My classmates came from all around the world and the diversity made a variety of opinions or ideas. These cultural differences gave me a lot of learning.

As for after class, we studied a lot with classmates and often held an "international" party. One of my friends cooked Spanish food, one did American, Korean, Brazilian...of course I cooked Japanese food such as sushi! It was great fun and exciting to eat international food, talk with them, and enjoy.

After going back to my home country, I started to work for an automobile company as a production engineer. Now, I am in charge of developing new production lines for new model vehicles. The company has many automotive plants all over the world. I have to work there with many local team members basically in English. Through the actual business, I felt some of my skills learned in ELP were very helpful, which I didn't realize when I was in ELP.

Thanks ELP, Philadelphia teachers, and friends!


"Every class was pretty exciting and interesting. I learned a lot of things, not only English skills."