Renata C.


Program: Intensive Program

Why did you choose to come to the ELP?
"I chose to come to the ELP to have the opportunity to study with people from around the world. I thought it would be great to increase my network and also to be close to all the resources available at Penn, like the library. I feel like I'm actually studying at UPenn. I feel like a student here. I can study with people from other cultures and languages."

What do you like about the ELP?
"I really like the teaching methods used at the ELP. I don't feel like I am just studying English. I don't study just grammar or vocabulary. I can study business, finance, culture, and other subjects, I just study them in English. I'm learning so much about other fields."

What have you gained from your experiences here?
"I've learned a lot about different cultures. I've never before lived outside of Brazil so this experience is really valuable for that reason."

What are your plans after finishing at the ELP? 
"I'll be here for another year. I'm applying for a certificate at Wharton (the WPWP). My husband is at Wharton and we plan to move back to Sao Paolo once he is finished. I'd like to work for a multinational company so I can continue to practice my English."

How has the ELP help you to achieve your goals?
"The ELP has helped me achieve my goals because I need international experience and English language proficiency for my career. I feel like the ELP helps me every single day."