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Qing L.


Program: Intensive Program

I am so happy that I have studied at the ELP. I studied 4 sessions at the ELP. I came here because I want to improve my English skills and apply university in the United States. In this program, I had many unforgettable memories and experiences. Especially, I met many students who came from different countries and I made friends with them. I liked talking to them. It is a good opportunity to learn about the culture of different countries. I am grateful to all teachers. They are so nice and help me to improve my English.

There are many different kinds of activities that were held at ELP, like culture, sport, traveling, and so on. We watched soccer matches, learned how to make Mayan coffee, and traveled to Washington and New York. All of these were interesting for me and I cannot forget them.

Because of the COVID-19, ELP has changed the courses to the remote courses. There is a big change for our classes. In particular, I cannot talk to my friends face to face at ELP, and I have fewer opportunities to communicate with others, but this is a special experience for me to take the remote course. In addition, all teachers and ELP staffs provided great help and service during this difficult time. I miss all the people of ELP.

"I am grateful to all teachers. They are so nice and help me to improve my English."