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Patcharanon (Gib) B.


Program: Intensive Program and University Connection

What do you tell friends in your home country about the ELP?
I have learned a lot of things I cannot learn in my home country. It was a great opportunity to meet friends from every corner of the world and learn about their cultures.

What did you learn at the ELP that you use in your current life?
I use the vocabulary and idioms that I learned!! I hear them on the TV every day, and I remember that I learned them from ELP.

What did you like most about the ELP?
I liked the small class-sizes where I could communicate with teachers easily. I liked when teachers asked students one by one to participate in class activities. I also liked taking ELP trips to many places, such as, a Phillies game and shopping centers.

What advice would you give to students currently at ELP?
Choose a class that you haven't tried, especially Listening to Lectures. It is very useful, and you will need this skill when you start studying in college. Also, if you have time, join the LPS (non-degree credit course) program. You will know the real US classroom and know your weaknesses, so you can try to improve them.

You were in the University Connection program, tell us about that. 
Erick (an ELP college counselor) reviewed all of my statements of purpose, many times for each of them. He's a great advisor and was able to answer almost every question I had.

How did your time at the ELP help prepare you for university?
I have learned a lot of skills that I will need when I study in a US University with international students. Now, I can listen to lectures, take good notes and know how to prepare for the exam.

Did you get acceptance to any universities? 
Acceptances: Penn Law School and USC Law School. Waiting list: UCLA Law School. I also passed the initial review of the interview round at Georgetown Law School but I denied because I will go to Penn.

Where are you planning to go?
Penn Law School

Do you have any advice for other international students hoping to attend college in the US?
Make good grades when you are in High School or getting your Bachelor's degree. Do an internship or find some work experience, if you can. Your life long profile is very important to the Admission officers. TOEFL/GMAT/GRE scores are not the most important part, although they are very important.