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Mohnd A.

Saudi Arabia

Program: University Connection Program     

It was June 27, 2019, when I stumbled upon ELP. Genuinely, before traveling to the U.S., I had had no idea why I chose to study at ELP. I hadn’t known that studying there would be one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my entire life. I knew from day one that the English program would be intensive, so I should have a strong work ethic to fully utilize all the courses. The first thing I noticed was that when the teachers said, “feel free to ask,” they really meant it. I never had a sense of hesitation when wanting to ask a question, either course-related or related to the American culture. The welcoming atmosphere created by the teachers was one of the crucial elements that made my journey at ELP so unique and unforgettable. Another major factor was the variety of different activities and clubs in which someone could participate. Apart from that, my ultimate goal was solely to improve my language skill. For some reason, I had not set big goals because my faith in speaking, listening, writing, and reading was not high. However, throughout this exceptional journey, my confidence dramatically reshaped, and I set more challenging goals. I developed my ability to fluently express my opinions in English. I became able to write sophisticated essays without having so many verbal infelicities. My reading comprehension profoundly improved. I was effortlessly able to read between the lines without being uncertain. Overall, my English level dramatically enhanced.

Nonetheless, nothing is infallible. I encountered some hurdles along the way that made me on the brink of leaving everything behind. The first hardship I had to deal with was to make a presentation. Since I stammer, making a presentation is a nightmare that has been haunting me for years. So, when I was 600 level, I was assigned to make a presentation. Frankly, I spent days musing about what might happen. Long story short, the presentation was a disaster. Yet the impeccable treatment I received afterword from the teacher helped me a lot go through this terrible experience. Another challenge I had to cope with was that at the outset, I couldn’t juggle the number of homework assignments and my personal life. But months after months, I learned how to put everything in equipoise. Facing these challenges and knowing how to tackle them made a massive, positive impact on me. I have realized the importance of reading about coping mechanisms. I have become more organized in my life. Also, now, I appreciate time more than ever. Overall, I gained plenty of invaluable skills.

In summary, I will never take this opportunity that the ELP offered for granted. I am so grateful to you for making this experience different. Furthermore, a huge shout-out to all the staff, faculty, and people who are at the helm because, without them, my experience would be ordinary. Personally, the ineffable memories I had will definitely be cherished for the rest of my life. I also had a chance to meet amazing people I will never forget. If I speak for years praising you, I will not give you what you deserve. Finally, if you are committed to improving your English, I highly recommend you take this trip with the ELP.

"The first thing I noticed was that when the teachers said, “feel free to ask,” they really meant it."