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Mengjie W.


Program: Institute for Business Communication

I was a sophomore when I participated in the ELP summer program and it turned out to be a very good choice. From Monday to Friday, we had classes about speaking strategy, negotiation & meeting, and professional writing in the morning. These classes helped me to correct my pronunciation, to use English more proficiently and professionally in the business world, and to gain confidence in speaking English. The classes were not only about knowledge and skills, but more about practicing and how to use the skills. In other words, we were given the chance to analyze a company’s strategy, to hold mock conferences and so on, which are very useful in your career. In some afternoon, we attended excellent lectures delivered by professors from Wharton. It feels wonderful to be so near to the professors, listening to their interesting lectures and communicating with them. All these classes and lectures encouraged critical thinking, active participation and good teamwork, which are crucial in real life.

The program also gave me the opportunity to explore the beautiful school and the charming city. We were taken by teachers and students from Penn to visit the art museum, to watch a baseball game, to do volunteer work, to go to the beach in Atlantic City, and to enjoy Washington, D.C. These activities helped us to get a better knowledge of American culture. In my spare time, I, together with my friends, liked to try the local cuisine, to walk around and take photos, to go shopping and to visit many beautiful, beautiful gardens or parks. Philadelphia is a charming city blending historical architecture and modern buildings and a city embracing art, culture, business and nature together. Every exploration of the city gave me an unforgettable memory.

After participating in the program, I will go to Erasmus University Rotterdam as an exchange student for 4 months. The experience here provided me with better English communication skills and confidence in adapting to another culture quickly. The ELP will also help me with my career in the field of finance, for companies nowadays value overseas experience, English communication, critical thinking as well as ability to work in a team and independently. The ELP inspires us to have these capacities!

"The experience here provided me with better English communication skills and confidence in adapting to another culture quickly."