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Melanie F.


Program: Business Intensive Program

ELP and Philadelphia
ELP is the best place to go if you want to learn or improve your English skills. I studied at ELP for 6 months and this experience changed my life. I had the opportunity to improve my English in a way that I could never haveimagined. In addition, I had the chance to meet awesome people from different countries and after 6 months I can say that I started good friendships with them, thanks to the ELP.

Moreover, the instructors at ELP are amazing. The teachers have all the skills needed to help students learn English as a second language. They are patient, kind and experienced.

In addition, ELP plans different activities and trips for the students during each session. For example, during my stay, I went to New York and Atlantic City, watched baseball game and had fun in the shopping malls with the ELP team.

Lastly, ELP is located in Philadelphia, which is an amazing city with a lot of tourist attractions and is near to big cities such as New York, Washington, DC and Atlantic City. As a result, I could visit all of these places during my stay in Philadelphia.

Business Intensive Program
I studied in the Business Intensive Program in ELP, which is an amazing option for those who want to improve their business skills in English. I studied 4 different business-related subjects. The first was Speaking in the Working World,  which helped me improve my speaking skills for different professional activities such as meetings, discussions and presentations . The second was Target Listening and this subject helped me to improve my listening skills by listening to different business audios and presentations. The third was Breakthrough Reading and this subject helped me to increase my fast reading skills. It also generated in me a professional andcultural knowledge because we reviewed case studies of different successful companies. The fourth course was Professional Writing, during which the instructors taught us how to prepare a professional resume, and compose professional emails and complaints letters. I really loved these classes and the instructors were incredible.  As a final project for Speaking in the Working World, I prepared a video about the ELP experience. This video was a great opportunity to collaborate with other students and staff. I will never forget that experience.

My life after ELP
I am currently an Audit Manager in a Firm in my country, and later I will come back to my job. However, I will come back as a different person because now I can speak English in a more fluent way without  difficulties in communicating with my clients. I can express my ideas and opinion clearly in another language.

Studying at an Ivy League University was an unforgettable experience for me. I only have good memories about the program, instructors and classmates! In brief, I want to share a quote that expresses my feelings about ELP:
“Learning another language is like becoming another person.” -Haruki Murakami

Thank you ELP!

"The teachers have all the skills needed to help students learn English as a second language."