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Lucas G.

Program: Institute for Business Communication

While seeking an internship program, I realized that I needed to differentiate myself in the competitive professional environment. Fluency in English became a prerequisite, and studying abroad would improve my professional communication skills, providing a broader vocabulary as well as allowing me to learn from different cultures.

I got accepted to the program and in July 5, 2015 I arrived. It seemed a dream, having the opportunity to live in a historical campus and learn at an Ivy League University.

IBC is a very intensive program which prepares you for real life. It's way more than an English program, with excellent professors developing your proficiency in the language and providing essential skills such as teamwork and public speaking. Also, the structure and organization of the program is great, I got advice for everything I needed since my arrival until my departure date - having nothing to worry about besides studying and enjoying Philly.

Do you have advice for future students?

To the future students, make plans as soon as you arrive. Philadelphia is a very charming city, with a lot to explore (sports, restaurants, museums, pubs, etc.). Also, it is well located and you have possibilities like NY, Boston and a lot of nice beaches.

Diversity makes the world and I got the chance to live, learn and make real friends with students from the most interesting backgrounds - from China, Spain, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. This, in my view, is priceless! I was enriched and developed as a professional and an individual.

After participating, I got accepted as an intern by a renowned Audit and Consulting company in Sao Paulo, where I could participate and interact in many conference calls and global projects. Currently, I am in Europe, having a different educational and life experience, looking forward to working in the financial field.

I finish saying THANK YOU and that definitely the IBC Program is a right choice for everyone!

"Diversity makes the world and I got the chance to live, learn and make real friends with students from the most interesting backgrounds."