Lidia M.


Program: Intensive Program

What did you take away from your experience at the ELP?
I took away the knowledge of English, acceptance to a US University, a lot of friends and enjoyment of life.

Where will you go to school?
I was accepted to the Bastyr University in the Naturopathic Doctor program. I am in San Diego right now. My fall term will start in a week. I am so exciting and scared at the same time.

What do you tell friends in your home country about the ELP?
That ELP is one of the best programs I have ever been involved in. I recommended it to all of my friends from Russia, to come to Philadelphia and combine their holidays with this amazing journey at the ELP.

What did you learn about yourself while studying abroad at the ELP?
I learned that I can study hard and be disciplined. There is nothing that I can not to do if I really interested in what I am doing!

What did you like most about the ELP?
I had the experience of studying abroad in a few different schools, so I can compare my experiences.

I think that ELP is the best and most unique school, even compared to schools from all over the world. I had never seen the variety of courses and possibilities that ELP offers to you. Imagine that you can create your own program under your personal interests every two months.  The most amazing thing is that you have the possibility to take one class from the University of Pennsylvania. It is an amazing chance for everybody to know what actual university classes are like in the USA. I would give the Nobel Prize to those who come up with this idea, but I just can say: “Thank you!!!!!” About the teachers, they are highly qualified and make you study hard even if you are lazy. Thanks to all of them!     

What did you like most about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is a beautiful city with four seasons. I remember my mornings when I woke up because of the beautiful song of the birds over the window .The sun is shining almost all the time if compared with my country. There are plenty of squirrels everywhere in Philadelphia especially on the campus. You can access everything you need by walking. That was very important for me when I arrived in Philadelphia first and had to organize my life. Accessibility made my life easier especially because I was not able to understand people and talk with them. And of course there are plenty of museums, social activities and many other things you can find in Philadelphia. Whatever you want. Whatever you like. Whatever you dream.

What advice would you give to future ELP students?
Love people and enjoy your life because you are not able to imagine at this moment what a wonderful journey you will have at the ELP!