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Hamdan A.

Saudi Arabia

Program: University Connection

What do you tell friends in your home country about Penn ELP?
There is no better place to learn English language than ELP, whether you want to learn English for academic purposes or for daily life. I encourage all students who want to improve their language to come to ELP.

What did you like most about studying here?
I liked the ELP faculty members. Also, I liked the workshops that are designed to pave the way for students who are planning to apply to graduate or undergraduate studies.

Did you get acceptance to any universities? Where are you planning to go?
Yes, I will go to University of Wisconsin.

What do you think you took away from your experience at ELP?
The value of group work, whether in classrooms among students, or outside the classroom among teachers and coordinators. Also, the importance of having an open mind about my classmates and keeping up with my studies.

What did you learn about yourself while studying abroad at the ELP?
Respect other people.
Love adventures.
Be persistent.

What advice would you give to future ELP students?
ELP staff will always try to do the best for you; don’t hesitate to ask them for help.