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Elena G. & Andrey C.


Program: Intensive Program

What did you like most about Philadelphia?
Philadelphia is very diverse and authentic. Walking on the streets of Philadelphia, you can find beautiful, old streets of the old town with tiny, neat houses adorned with flowers. Or you may end up in a business district surrounded by high modern towers of Comcast and Aramark.

Philadelphia is considered a restaurant capital of the US. Nowhere in the world can you find such a great variety of little restaurants. Also, Philadelphia is without a doubt among the best cities for universities, offering almost any education path you only can imagine.

What do you tell friends in your home country about the ELP?
That ELP is one of the most intensive programs in the US and really helps to improve English language proficiency.

How did your program at the ELP help you?
I improved my English significantly and ELP allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people.

What did you like most about the ELP?
I like the approach used in ELP; in particular, the program covers all aspects of English: listening, reading, writing and speaking. For the better part of the course, students study under the supervision of a teacher in a class and the rest at home, doing their homework. The program is quite rigorous.

What is your favorite ELP memory?
I remember my Business class assignment when my team members and I had to conduct a survey asking people on the street whether they would buy our product and then present an elevator speech to promote our product. It was very interesting and fun, plus it related to my major in business, so I could apply this knowledge in real world.

What was the most difficult thing you had to adjust to when you began studying in the US?
The most difficult was to choose among different classes and activities offered not only by ELP but also by Penn and the other organizations in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a city where something is going on all the time whether it’s a food festival or a lecture at the Wharton school.