Duaa T.

Saudi Arabia

Program: KAUST Foundation Year

The English Language Program in Philadelphia was a place I called home. It was a place where I met and created friendships with many students from all parts of the world: Saudi Arabia, China, Kuwait, Siberia, Turkey, and many more. Despite all our differences in color, language, and background, one thing gathered us all; the excitement for the new experience we all knew will be unforgettable, and the willingness to learn from everyone and everything around us. Throughout the program, and with all the help and support I was getting from all the instructors and students, my excitement to learn and explore grew bigger. The English language program has given me this chance through its many trips, activities, and diverse classes. I found myself part of a dynamic community that gathered tons of students who shared my interests and guided me step by step to build my mind, my personality, and myself.

What made the program more special was the city it was in the heart of. Philadelphia was a unique and a welcoming place for an international student like myself. I loved the place so much to the point where I walked all its streets. I loved how every block represented a part of Philadelphia’s personality and was different from the next one. When gathered all together, they created a story that forever will be told. From that time, I believed that Philadelphia is a place where a foreign student can call home.


"Philadelphia was a unique and a welcoming place for an international student like myself."