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Dogan T.


Program: University Connection

The very first thing I did in Philly was go to the ELP. I mean, literally, I went there my first day. They helped me go through everything that I needed. They guided me about which classes I need to choose, which bank I need to work with, how to keep my bag while walking on the street, etc. They had answers to every question I had in my mind. When I look back I remember the warmth of the meeting room and the awesome trips we had. SO MUCH FUN. I had also the chance to join some clubs at UPENN. It was challenging but definitely helped me improve my English as fast as it could be.

What did you do while at ELP?
It was a difficult year for me because I needed to apply to law schools for LL.M. programs. Eric Hyde went through all my sentences of my statement of purpose one by one without any sign of frustration. At least I hope I didn't bore him a lot. At the end, I had the perfect statement of purpose and I got accepted the schools that I really wanted. P.S. I ended up with UPENN Law. Not a surprise after the beautiful year I spent at the ELP and in Philly.

After the ELP, I realized the classes that I took at the ELP helped me to understand the American way of studying. It was easy to understand what professor wanted from me and work with my other American friends.

You lived in West Philadelphia, near campus. What was that like?
I really missed West Philly. I stayed in West Philly and every day I walked through Locust Street. There were beautiful trees, local shops, and hundred year old houses in my neighborhood. Nice places, nice people, nice memories. What else one can want from a language program?


"Nice places, nice people, nice memories."