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Ali A.

Saudi Arabia

Program:  Intensive English Program

Before coming to the United States to study English, I looked for a city that would be right city for me. I found that Philadelphia was right for me because of the weather, transportation, cost of living, and it has more than 10 universities which means it is a student-friendly city.

I looked for the best English school in Philadelphia, and I found ELP is a great fit, because of the intensive program. It’s four hours per day with professional faculties who always helped me to improve my English both in and out of classes. I started with 300 level and now I’m in 600 level. I can see how my English has improved, especially in academic English. I have also enjoyed elective classes that focus on specific topics.  UNICONN is one of the best services in ELP, because they helped me with my personal statement and resume for free.

Being a student at ELP made me feel like a student at the University of Pennsylvania not just an English student, because I have access to everything on the campus. The University provides a perfect environment for students to achieve their goals. For instance, having access to the library is a great thing because the library provides printers and computers with assistants that help me to improve my English. Also, if I get out late from the library or any other building in the University District, I can use UPenn transportation for free.

In summary, if I went back in time, I would choose ELP again. I don’t think I would have experienced the same benefits, if I had chosen another English school.

"Being a student at ELP made me feel like a student at the University of Pennsylvania...because I have access to everything on the campus."