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Photo of a person taking a test

“I’m stuck at a 6.0, but I need a 6.5 for admission.” “Ok. How many times have you taken the test?” “This was the fifth time and my last three scores were all 6.0. What should I do?”

Olympic Rings

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed the rise of Committee Based Evaluation (CBE) among highly selective universities. 

Comparing U.S. Colleges: A Practical Approach

U.S. News and World Report staff writer Kelly Mae Ross speaks with ELP University Connection Counseling Specialist Erick Hyde about one practical tip: create a spreadsheet for your research.

Wanted: College Acceptance

In the admission world, May 1st is THE day. Known as ‘Candidates Reply Date,’ May 1st is the final deadline for students to choose the one school they will attend from their acceptances.

No SATs: Understanding Test Optional Admission, Part 1

There is a popular myth that test scores are the most important factor in getting accepted to U.S. universities. 

Advice from College Admissions Counselors and Deans

The application process can be overwhelming. And it can be appealing to try to get advice from everyone you know, including your friends.

More Universities Drop SAT II Requirement

Colombia University, Duke University, and Vassar College all have this in common. Now Amherst College, Dartmouth College, and Williams College do too. 

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