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Penn English Language Programs Conducts Virtual Sample Classes

August 14, 2020 by Elaney Tedder

On Friday, July 24th and Thursday, July 30th, the English Language Programs (ELP) conducted demo English lessons for both current and prospective students. The first lesson, taught by ELP Language Specialists Rachel Gonzalez and Eve Nora Litt, went over common idioms in American English and how to develop the strategy of using context clues to guess the meaning of idioms. This lesson was geared towards current students with a high intermediate English proficiency level.

The second lesson, which was led by ELP Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction Sarah Arva Grosik with assistance from ELP Enrollment Coordinator Stephanie Ackerman, ELP Instructional Technology Specialist Ula Cutten, ELP Manager of Testing & Programs Elizabeth Gillstrom, and ELP Advising Specialist Ian Nichols, discussed reading skills and strategies. In particular, students practiced previewing and skimming a text in order to efficiently identify the main purposes of a text. This lesson was also aimed towards prospective students with a high intermediate English proficiency level and had approximately 130 participants.

When asked what inspired the ELP to start doing demo lessons, Dr. Grosik stated the following: “We wanted to provide students who may be interested in studying in the Intensive Program with an opportunity to experience our online courses firsthand.”

If you are interested in watching the demo lessons, you can click here.

Dr. Grosik also stated that there is a plan to host more webinars and demo lessons for the Intensive Program in the future. Once dates have been scheduled, they will be shared on the ELP website and social media sites.

The ELP staff has continued to do a great job in marketing our programs to prospective students through interactive initiatives such as these demo lessons. We are excited to see what our innovative staff think of next to engage both current and prospective students!

Featured Staff

Stephanie Ackerman

Enrollment Coordinator

Ula Cutten

Instructional Technology Specialist

Elizabeth Gillstrom

Manager of Testing and Programs

Rachel Gonzalez

Language Specialist

Sarah Arva Grosik

Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Eve Nora Litt

Language Specialist

Ian Nichols

Advising Specialist