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Soeun H.

South Korea

Program: Institute for Academic Studies

After I read a book called "The Culture Code," which describes and analyzes the culture of society, especially in the USA, I felt ready to experience American adolescent culture and identity in person. I also thought my ability of speaking in English was quite lower than that of reading and listening, so I applied to the UPENN ELP program to improve my language skills and have various experiences via class and trips.

Although my first moment in Philadelphia was not very good because of the bad condition and the difficulty in communication, I was able to adapt to the local circumstances by participating in class and having a great time with foreign friends. Through class, I learned about the context in American society where certain sentences and idioms are usually used. Also, I was able to understand Ben Franklin’s virtues and the history of immigration. In addition, I reflected on my leadership style characteristics that I didn't know and improved as a speaker by preparing a final presentation.

After finishing the ELP program, I started to prepare another challenge, an internship in the USA! Furthermore, based on the information obtained from the school, I want to prepare for applying to the Graduate School of Education. I will do my best to be an expert in the education field and a researcher of education programs so that students are able to have the opportunity to reflect on themselves. I want to encourage future students who will attend this program to make this an opportunity of their own. Don’t miss it.