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Jassar A.

Saudi Arabia

Program:  Intensive English Program

June 27, 2019 was my first day in ELP and UPENN. I remember when I crossed the Locust Walk and saw the student dorms, Wharton college, College Green and I saw Benjamin Franklin for the first time. Then I got to the Fisher Bennett Hall to attend the ELP new student orientation. I followed the signs to get to student center where I met the student ambassadors and my new colleagues. I started the orientation process until finally I got my PennCard (UPENN ID) and officially became a part of UPENN. When I was looking for the English Language program before coming to U.S, I knew I wanted to study the English language in prestigious universities because that would make my experience better. Studying in the ELP was definitely the best choice. I started my program in level 300 and I’m now at level 600.

What I like about studying the English language in the ELP is the teachers and the staff. They were so kind and always ready to help. They just need your idea then they will work on it and help you achieve it. Their goal is making the student experience in the ELP better. My experience with the ELP staff was so wonderful. The thing that I liked the most about working with them is how easy it is to communicate with them and their strong desire to make my journey in the ELP better. The other thing is the teachers, I like how they work hard for students. They have helped me many times, they were available to answer any questions I have either in or out of the class. I finished three sessions at ELP. When I started my program, my language wasn’t good and I couldn’t make a long conversation with people in English. Now, it’s easier than before, I can communicate with people with different cultures in English language.

As I said before, being a student in the ELP means that I have been part of the UPENN community. I’m trying to take advantage of the Penn Card by attending the activities of UPENN. I have attended more than fourteen events, activities, and public lectures. I was so lucky that I had the chance to attend two of the most important events at UPENN in 2019 which were Penn Spectrum 2019 and Penn Home Coming 2019. I had a great opportunity to meet many alumni and current students, I remember I have met many people there who studied in UPENN in 1975, 1980, and 2003. It was a good opportunity to learn about UPENN history and meet people who are professionals on their careers and fields.

"What I like about studying the English language in the ELP is the teachers and the they work hard for students."