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Sarah Grosik and Elizabeth Gillstrom present at CALT Conference

Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction Sarah Grosik and Manager of Testing and Programs Elizabeth Gillstrom, presented at the first Classroom Assessment for Language Teaching (CALT) Conference in November 2016. The CALT Conference was held at the University of Arizona and was sponsored by the TESOL Special Interest Group for Assessment Coordinators. Ms. Grosik and Ms. Gillstrom’s presentation were on “Fair Promotion: Improving Proficiency and Achievement Testing at Multiple Program Levels.”

Presentation abstract:
Language programs need to ensure that students are advancing through the levels of their program at a fair and appropriate pace. The presenters will discuss the results of a multi-staged pilot of proficiency tests that they administered at several levels in their IEP to accomplish this goal. Participants will leave the session with an overview of the data analysis and recommendations for promoting consistent achievement testing practices in their own language programs.

Featured Staff

Sarah Arva Grosik

Associate Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Elizabeth Gillstrom

Manager of Testing and Programs