Erick Hyde presents at the Penn Wharton China Center

ELP University Connection Specialist Erick Hyde recently presented on “Trends in International Admissions to U.S. Universities” at the Penn Wharton China Center. His presentation focused on the variety of recent trends in international undergraduate admission to U.S. universities, including the rise and fall of international applications to the U.S., the growing popularity of early admission programs, and the proliferation of admission waitlists. The discussion incorporated data about each trend with Hyde’s first-hand experiences as a college counselor. 

About Penn Wharton China Center : The opening of the Penn Wharton China Center (PWCC) in 2015 represented a substantial commitment by Penn to advance a long history of engagement with China in an increasingly interconnected global environment.  PWCC provides on-the-ground support for the growing numbers of programs and collaborations between Penn’s twelve schools and many academic, government, and business partners throughout China.

Featured Staff

Erick Hyde

University Connection Counseling Specialist