ELP instructors mentor emerging TESOL teachers

ELP instructors are dedicated to helping novice TESOL teachers develop their skills in the classroom.  Current instructors Eve Nora Litt, Ian Nichols, Maria Paredes Fernandez, and Amanda Thompson mentor TESOL Master of Science in Education candidates from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. TESOL candidates teach at practice sites through Philadelphia while receiving guidance from experienced Mentors. Mentors help TESOL candidates engage in reflective practice connecting the theory taught at Graduate School of Education with their experiences in the classroom.

ELP Language Specialist and TESOL Mentor Eve Nora Litt explains her involvement in the program, “Teaching is all about making choices and rarely do I have the opportunity to pair up and discuss those choices.  Mentoring TESOL MSEd students gives me the chance to connect with emerging ESL teachers and try to see the links between what we do in the classroom and the theories we learn as TESOL students. I love it!”

Photo by University of Pennsylvania University Communications of GSE Pedal class.

Featured Staff

Eve Nora Litt

Language Specialist

Ian Nichols

Advising Specialist

María Paredes Fernández

Language Specialist

Amanda Thompson