Mission Statement

The mission of the English Language Programs (ELP) is to provide service to the University of Pennsylvania's community of students, faculty, and administrators and to foster the achievement of University and School of Arts and Sciences’ goals through programmatic initiatives. The ELP is committed to providing programs that enhance the diversity of the Penn community and develop Penn's international dimension. The ELP strives for excellence in its educational endeavors, strengthening the link between theory, research, and practice. We strive to promote interest in and respect for all cultures. We value our ability to be flexible and responsive to clients' changing needs and to meet their expectations of effective and responsible programming. We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes professional excellence. ELP faculty and staff provide service to and leadership in our professional organizations and support their standards.


The ELP will strive for gains in the following three areas:

  • recognition by clients, alumni, fellow professionals and competitors for the application of best practices in all aspects of the design, staffing, and delivery of programs;
  • development of projects that sustain growth and employ the most suitable technology;
  • collaboration on projects and programming with other partners both inside and outside of the University locally, nationally, and internationally.

Intensive Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Intensive Program is to provide high quality instruction and support to learners who want to increase their English language proficiencies to achieve academic, professional, and personal goals and to improve their understanding of the cultures of the United States.