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University of Pennsylvania’s ELP programs open the door for you to study English at a top-ranked US university. Through on-campus and online programs, you can develop your academic and professional skills in English, enhance your cross-cultural interactions, and build your knowledge of general English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

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Why study at Penn?

  • 28,000+ students including 6,900+ international students at Penn
  • 2,000 students enrolled in ELP programs  
  • 35 countries represented across ELP programs
  • 12 to 18 students per ELP on-campus class

Which Penn ELP program is right for you?

Explore our programs and discover how the ELP can meet your academic and professional goals. 

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Explore our most popular programs

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Advance your English language skills through well-designed core and elective courses.
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Prepare for the US undergraduate and graduate school admissions process and university-level academics.
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Develop a foundation for university-level English and explore a variety of academic subjects and professional communication in English.
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Learn from a distance at a time convenient for you with our various online course options.
Jack Sullivan, Director

Custom programs

Work with our subject matter experts to design a unique program of study that fully meets the needs of your participants. The ELP has been developing custom programming for foundations, multinational corporations, universities, and government agencies for over 30 years. 

"The ELP excels at collaborating with partners in creating unique and dynamic custom programs that not only help learners reach their current goals but inspires them to reach beyond them.”

Jack Sullivan, Director


Photo of Alfredo G

"Overall, I feel that the ELP was a really good opportunity for me to improve my abilities with this language. Besides, I lost the fear to speak openly even when I know that I will make mistakes because, at the end, that is the way you learn."

Alfredo G., Peru, University Connection Program

Photo of student Qing L. from China

“There are many different kinds of activities that were held at ELP, like culture, sports, traveling, and so on. We watched soccer matches, learned how to make Mayan coffee, and traveled to Washington and New York. All of these were interesting for me and I cannot forget them.”

Qing L., China, Intensive Program

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“The thing that makes the faculty so great in this program is their commitment to the students. All of them are experts in their own way with vast amounts of experience of teaching in different countries, and yet they all come in every day with the express desire to help the students be the best that they can and to help them reach their goals.”

John Cotton, Associate Director of Operations and Staff Development