Wanted: College Acceptance

May 10, 2017

In the admission world May 1st is THE day.  Known as ‘Candidates Reply Date,’ May 1st is the final deadline for students to choose the one school they will attend from their acceptances.  It is an exciting, sometimes anxious, day that marks the end of the admission process.  But not for all schools and not for all students.

Schools have seats in their classrooms and beds in their residence halls that they want –and need- to fill.  After May 1st, if those seats or beds are not filled, schools will continue to accept applications.

Each year NACAC, the National Association for College Admission Counseling, publishes the “College Openings Update,” a list of schools that still have spaces available and can still accept applications.  Currently there are over 500 schools still accepting applications for the Fall (August) 2017 academic term.  These schools are across and even outside the U.S.  There are big and small, urban and rural, and everything in between.

For students that may have gotten a late start to the U.S. admission process, or even those that are just now deciding to pursue a U.S. university education, there are still options…lots of options.

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