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Mohammed H.

Saudi Arabia

Program: University Connection

I am pleased to write about the greatest experience I have had in my life. When I was looking for the best school to learn academic English, I saw many schools that offer academic English, but my thought was not just to learn academic English. My purpose was to learn a new lifestyle, live on campus, and participate in activities. I wanted a school that I would benefit from my whole life. I found the ELP to be the best school that can help my purpose. The ELP is not just a school, it's a small world. The ELP is in the University of Pennsylvania which is part of the Ivy Leagues. The ELP has many features that I have taken advantage of, such as the Student Center, UniConn Advising Center, and several activities.

June 27, 2019 was the first day for me at the ELP. It was an intense day for me because I was a new student. It was a new place for me with many students, teachers, and staff. I attended the orientation and they took me on a tour of the campus. When I was enjoying the tour, I stopped to ask them about anything that interested me. Although my language was not very strong at that time, they were trying to understand me and answer me. Suddenly, I found myself immersed and active with mentors along with the other students. The ELP succeeded in creating a friendly atmosphere. I felt that it was a really nice place with lovely people. I cannot explain how I felt that day enough.

I have spent one year in the ELP and I have received a comprehensive education in English. The curriculum there is very carefully chosen, and because of that, until my last day of study there, I did not need any other resources. In addition, I noticed that the ELP was keen to choose highly experienced faculty over a long period and with high skill. The teachers are also keen on education and have never hesitated when I asked for help and answered all my inquiries. I felt that the teachers were more mentors than they were teachers. The teachers and staff without exception appreciated me for being a language learning student. If I made a mistake in communicating information to them, they understood that, and they corrected my mistakes.

The Student Center is an exciting place. It is a small meeting place that brings all the world together. It is true that the primary goal is a place for practicing the English language, except that I learned many other things like other cultures and met new people from many countries and I have established a friendship with them. The Student Center has beautiful, fun activities. One of them is the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador. I took advantage of that opportunity in the Summer 1 session. That activity taught me how I can manage myself and others and how I can deal with them. It was the greatest activity I participated in. Moreover, there are several activities such as Conversation club, competition gaming, and volunteering activities. My favorite days at ELP are the Beginning of Session party and the End of Session party.  These events are comprehensive to build a passion for yourself to study hard and pass the level which you are in.

The Main Office has made it easy for me to deal with many of the difficulties that I faced, especially outside the ELP. They are willing to help without hesitation.  They have helped me a lot. They treat everyone nicely.

The UniConn office is where there are people who are highly experienced in writing the personal statement and help to apply to universities. I dreaded writing the Personal Statement, but with their help, I was able to write it in a shorter period than I expected and with it, I got accepted in the most prestigious American universities. I remember when I applied to a university and the IELTS score was slightly less than what I needed, I spoke with the dean of the college and he said to me, “We accepted you because I trust the ELP education.” At that moment I really felt grateful for the ELP.

The Advising office is where you can discuss a study problem and seek to solve it, and also if your grades are low and help you to improve it. I spoke to the advisors when I had faced some problems. I saw that all of them do not hesitate to help and each with the same spirit and high morals and they were also keen to stand by my side until I passed through it.

The campus is very beautiful, in which the events are very impressive. I spent all my studies at the ELP participating in most events there. The campus of the University of Pennsylvania is a great laboratory and you find all kinds of different events for you that generate the passion for you to participate in and learn from. At the same time, security is very high there and it is very safe. I remember when I went to a late-night in the library and when I left, all the dark places made me afraid, and when I contacted a security guard and told him that I am afraid, he gladly reassured me and accompanied me to my destination, inside the campus boundaries of course.

I am very grateful to the ELP for adding a lot to my life from education to critical thinking. I am sad to leave the ELP. The things I have learned at the ELP will remain with me my entire life. I recommend with a high emphasis on studying at ELP.


"I remember when I applied to a university and the IELTS score was slightly less than what I needed, I spoke with the dean of the college and he said to me, 'We accepted you because I trust the ELP education.'"