The ELP will resume in-person classes in our Intensive Program beginning with the Summer 2 session on June 24, 2021. Learn more here.


Program Courses

Speaking About Strategy

Speaking About Strategy prepares you to communicate more clearly and effectively about common business issues. As you analyze and discuss specific companies and industries and their challenges related to innovation and global strategy, you will build targeted grammar, pronunciation, and presentation skills and expand your business vocabulary. You will become more effective in professional speaking scenarios by developing strategies for pitching ideas in formal and informal contexts, and presenting or responding to unexpected questions and negative news.

Effective Meetings & Negotiations

In Effective Meetings and Negotiations, you will explore three important aspects of meetings and negotiations: the protocols, the language, and the issues. By developing strategies for setting an agenda, making an opening statement, questioning, bargaining, handling interruptions, and asking for and providing clarification, you will gain skills for leading and participating in meetings and negotiations. Through a unique combination of video analysis, peer and instructor feedback, and extensive practice in simulated meetings and negotiations, you will learn to communicate more clearly, concisely, and effectively in both formal and informal professional discussions. 

Professional Business Writing

Professional Business Writing prepares you for common writing tasks in the world of business, commerce, and administration. You will learn how to interact professionally through email, and how to represent yourself as a professional in your resume and cover letter as you develop skills for gathering information, organizing your ideas, drafting, and revising your writing. Tone, politeness, and appropriate style will be considered throughout the course, with a focus on professional format, content, grammar, and vocabulary.

Sample Class Schedule