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Institute for Business Communication

Program Overview

The Institute for Business Communication (IBC) will help you build business knowledge and professional communication skills through readings and workplace simulations based on business case studies. IBC is designed for international undergraduate students.  

In IBC, you will cover a variety of real-world business issues and topics. Through simulated activities and targeted assessments based on case studies of shared economy companies (Uber & AirBnB) as well as the fast-fashion industry, you will improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for successful communication in business contexts. You will cover skills such as analyzing business strategies, negotiating effectively, collaborating in meetings, speaking persuasively, and writing with a professional tone. 

Guest lectures from Penn professors will provide you with a unique university experience.

Session length

4 weeks

Focus of study

Pre-professional knowledge and skills

Hours per week

20 academic hours

Proficiency level

Intermediate to advanced

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4 weeks
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