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Darrel Hoagland


What Dr. Hoagland Does: She teaches entry level core and elective classes in the Intensive Language Program.

Experience: Dr. Hoagland is retired from 25 years of full-time teaching in public and parochial schools in Philadelphia, PA and New Bedford, MA. Her instruction also includes graduate school in New Jersey and extends internationally to adult students in Tanzania, Africa.

Travels:  As an undergraduate student she toured the western African countries Nigeria and Ghana. From 2008-2018,  she primarily resided abroad, living in Singapore for one year, Germany and Austria for three years, and Tanzania and Kenya for five years.

     Ed. D., Reading/Writing/Literacy, University of Pennsylvania
     M.Ed., Chestnut Hill College
     B.A., Government, Oberlin College

Talk to Dr. Hoagland about: reader response literary theory and its implications for written, artistic, and expressive responses to literature; authors N.K. Jemisin, Gloria Naylor, and Wilkie Collins; tasy foods; sewing clothes; African American literature for elementary aged students; application of a qualitative grounded theory approach to answer a dissertation question.