UniConn Team

The University Connection (UniConn) Team specializes in helping international students and English language learners apply to U.S. colleges and universities for undergraduate (Bachelors degree) and graduate (Masters and Doctoral degree) studies.  The UniConn Team advises students on the details of the U.S. admission process, including finding best-fit schools, assembling application pieces to build a strong profile, and writing effective essays and personal statements.  The UniConn team has helped hundreds of students get accepted to U.S. universities where they can be successful and happy.

The UniConn Team includes: Lisa Taglang, University Connection Programs Manager, Leah Greenspoon, Academic Advising Specialist, and Erick Hyde, University Connection Counseling Specialist.  Collectively, the UniConn Team has 25 years of U.S. admission and advising experience and more than 30 years of English language teaching experience.


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