Business Intensive Program

Program Overview

The Business Intensive Program (BIP) will help you build fluency and accuracy in your Business English language skills, as well as increase your knowledge of international business topics.

In BIP, you will read authentic business materials, discuss current events, participate in workplace simulations, and write sample professional correspondences.  As you explore topics such as green business, operations management, and emerging technologies, you will develop improved reading and listening strategies and a broader business vocabulary to help you keep up with the latest business news. You will also develop persuasive writing and speaking skills for more impactful communication on the job, in business school, or with others who are simply interested in business.

Many students with business experience who complete BIP go on to study in the more rigorous and professionally-based International Business Communication for Professionals (IBCP) program.  

Session length

7 weeks

Focus of study

Business English

Hours per week

20 academic hours

Proficiency level

High-intermediate to advanced

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